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Mystery Boom Baffles the Black Hills

Mystery Boom Baffles the Black Hills

Denizens of South Dakota's Black Hills are flummoxed by a loud boom that occurred last week and cannot be explained by authorities or scientists.

Taking place last Monday afternoon, the mystery sound shook numerous homes in the region and left residents concerned.

Media coverage of the event led to more witnesses coming forward and expanding the range of the sound all the way to neighboring Nebraska and Montana, encompassing a 200 mile distance.

As one might expect, theories for the source of the sound are in abundance but it appears that nothing yet can explain the boom.

An earthquake, something caused by an airplane, a meteor and a mining blast have all been ruled out as the possible origin for the perplexing event.

Whether the cause of the sound can ever be determined remains to be seen, but there is one intriguing footnote to the story which deserves mentioning.

Research by the Black Hills Pioneer unearthed an account from the famed Lewis and Clark expedition where they reported hearing a mysterious boom while traveling through Montana in 1805!

Although the mystery boom phenomenon seemingly only emerged in recent years, this tale from 200 years ago suggests that may not be the case and perhaps there is a deeper connection yet to be found.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the many reports of mystery booms over the last few years can check out several examination of the phenomenon by investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe here, here, and here.

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Source: Black Hills Pioneer

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