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Mystery Booms Baffle Maryland Town

Mystery Booms Baffle Maryland Town

A town in Maryland plagued by the infamous mystery boom phenomenon hopes that a new study may finally find a source for the maddening sounds.

Residents say that the booms have been happening for decades in the town of Cheverly and no one seems to know what is causing them.

One unfortunately victim of the enigma described the sound as akin to a Mack truck hitting the side of her house and claims that the recurring booms actually damaged the foundation of her home.

Even the town's mayor is baffled by the booms, but offered a spin-filled observation about the sounds that suggests he has a bright future in politics.

"The booms are one of our amazing little mysteries that drive us closer together," Mayor Mike Callahan told NBC Washington, "you know, every community has its lore, has its myths."

Despite Callahan's attempts to somehow turn the booms into a positive for the community, his constituents are less convinced, especially since many of them have suffered sleepless nights after the sounds suddenly wake them from their slumber.

As to what may be behind the sounds, various theories have been offered over the years, including the possibility that the town's proximity to Washington D.C. may have something to do with it.

Some residents speculate that there is underground digging happening beneath Cheverly as part of a clandestine project to create tunnels for politicians to escape from the nation's capital in the event of an emergency.

In light of that theory, perhaps Mayor Callahan's cool dismissal of the booms is simply his way of ensuring that he has access to these purported tunnels should disaster strike.

Fortunately, unlike many towns and cities that find themselves struggling with the mystery boom phenomenon, Cheverly may soon have an answer to the mystery.

Researchers from the seismology department at the University of Maryland has decided to come to Cheverly in an attempt to get to the bottom of the much-maligned booms.

Hopefully there will be a prosaic explanation for the sound, because the scientists are unlikely to tell Cheverly residents if they stumble upon a secret underground tunnel system teeming with senators and other members of Congress.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the mystery boom phenomenon can check out the 4/25/2013 edition of the program featuring investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe's report on the puzzling trend.

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Source: NBC Washington

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