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'Mystery Creature' Merely an Illusion

A British photographer caused a brief stir over the weekend when he shared a puzzling picture that he suspected may have captured some kind of sea creature.

Michael Green took the photo while on vacation over the summer, but only later noticed that it appeared to feature what looked like an animal emerging from the water with its mouth open.

Speaking with a local newspaper, Green speculated that it could have been a dolphin, but conceded that he was stumped and hoped for an answer by sharing the photo with the public.

As one might expect, the image made headlines shortly thereafter with some outlets trumpeting it as a picture of a 'sea monster.'

Fortunately the mystery surrounding the creature did not last very long at all as observers quickly saw what Green could not and shattered the illusion.

A careful examination of the photo shows that the anomaly is indeed an animal, but it is a far more mundane creature that is far from a monster: it is a seagull flying through the sky.

The fantastic inadvertent illusion is a fine example of how a second set of eyes can sometime see something hiding in plain sight that goes missed by the initial observer now matter how hard they look.

Source: KentLive

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