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'Mystery Creature' Washes Ashore in Malibu

A beachgoer in California was baffled after stumbling upon the body of a truly strange creature sitting in the sand.

The odd animal, which seems to have no eyes nor mouth, was found on Lee Carillo Beach in Malibu over the weekend.

Mystified by what they had seen, the person who crossed paths with the carcass posted images of the creature online asking if someone could identify it as an animal and, hopefully, not a human organ.

According to them, the weird beast measured around five inches long and weighed about seven pounds.

That latter insight is somewhat of an unsettling observation if only because it means that they actually picked up the ghastly carcass, which is far more than most people finding such a thing on the beach would do.

Thanks to the collective power of the internet, their concerns were quickly quelled after someone proposed that the creature was likely a fairly common species of sea slug known as a California sea hare.

How and why the animal wound up on the beach will likely never be known, so in the spirit of the holiday weekend, we'll suggest that it was simply an Independence Day getaway for the sea floor-dwelling creature that somehow when awry.

Source: Mirror

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