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Mystery Grave Stumps British Cops

Mystery Grave Stumps British Cops

The inexplicable appearance of a fresh, unmarked grave in the cemetery of a 12th century churchyard has left British authorities baffled.

Believed to have been dug back in September, the eerie addition to the site only came to the attention of police earlier this week when a regular visitor to the graveyard inquired about it.

At that point, investigators realized that something was amiss and, upon digging into the grave, discovered unidentified human remains of an unknown age.

How and why they were suddenly buried at the graveyard, which has not been in use since the 1970's, has proven to be a vexing mystery to police.

However some visitors to the cemetery say that they have seen people tending to the grave and, as such, authorities hope to track down those individuals for questioning.

And while authorities say that there may be a simple explanation behind the mysterious grave, the clandestine nature with which it appeared suggests that may not be the case.

Source: The Telegraph

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