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Mystery Hole Leads to Strange Discovery

Mystery Hole Leads to Strange Discovery

The puzzling appearance of a strange hole in the front lawn of a UK couple's home became even more mysterious when they saw what was down below.

Emma and Kevin James say that the hole first appeared back in November as a small divot, but turned into a chasm when they tried to dig around it.

Upon further investigation, they were stunned to look inside and discover a set of rusty steps which lead further underground!

Perhaps not surprisingly, neither Emma nor James have dared to venture down and see where the steps might lead.

Instead, they're simply seeking answers as to the origins of the odd hole.

Unfortunately, calls to numerous local officials, utility companies and the original builders of the home have yielded no answers about the mystery hole and its enigmatic staircase.

The couple expressed frustration that authorities refuse to come and investigate the hole, leaving them wondering what exactly they should do about it.

Not wanting to simply fill it in, they've been forced to cover the impromptu pit with a board until the mystery is solved.

Or perhaps until someone comes up the steps to greet them.

Source: The Bucks Herald

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