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'Mystery Ice' Baffles Florida Family

A couple in the Florida city of Cape Coral were left scratching their heads after a slew of ice chunks mysteriously plummeted from the sky and landed near their home.

In a video showing the impact site, the man who lives at the home explains that the incoming ice could be heard hurtling towards the ground about ten seconds before it hit.

"It sounded like a drone, like something pushing past the air," he marvels, " and it made a boom."

According to the couple, the unexplained falling objects were largely contained in one large pile, which actually left an impact in the ground, although there were several pieces scattered around the area.

A local meteorologist ruled out hail as the source of the ice, but it could be a puzzling weather event known as a 'megacryometeor.'

The awesome-sounding phenomenon, which scientists have recorded only a few dozen times since 2000, occurs when massive chunks of ice inexplicably fall from a cloudless sky.

These megacryometeors are largely a mystery to meteorologists, who are uncertain as to how or why they are formed.

An alternative possibility for the Florida ice event is that the chilly chunks came from an airplane flying overhead.

Should that be the case, we really hope that the person in the video who dared to pick up the ice subsequently washed their hands.

Source: WFTX Fort Myers

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