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Mystery Man Hides $100 Bills in Oregon City

An anonymous philanthropist has gained national attention for his unique practice of secretly hiding $100 bills throughout the city of Salem, Oregon.

The mystery man, who has been dubbed 'Benny' in honor of Benjamin Franklin, seemingly first began distributing the unorthodox donations back in 2013.

Over the course of the last three years, the total amount given away by the man has reached an incredible $50,000.

Benny's method of delivery sees the $100 bill neatly folded and then hidden inside various items that people purchase in stores.

As part of his message of giving, the man signs each bill 'Benny' so that Salem residents know they have become 'Benny-ficiaries' and go on to tell others about the remarkable act of kindness or perform a good deed themselves.

It appears that the concept is resonating, as a reporter who has collected tales of people finding the 'Benny bills' says that more than half of them either donate the money to charity or spend it on children in need.

That said, the tale of the 'Benny bills' have also taken an ironic twist as many recipients choose to save the money as a memento of their good fortune rather than spend it.

While the quirky practice had become something of a local legend around Salem, the curious campaign has now gotten national media attention via a report from USA Today.

Whether that leads to an increase in 'Benny bills' being discovered remains to be seen, but it's likely that Salem residents will be extra observant when doing their grocery shopping this weekend.

Source: USA Today

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