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Mystery Mist Sickens Slew of Beachgoers in England

Mystery Mist Sickens Slew of Beachgoers in England

Visitors to a beach in England became sickened on Sunday after a mysterious chemical fog wafted over the popular tourist spot.

The strange incident, which occurred along the Birling Gap beach, left nearly 150 people needing medical attention after the odd cloud enveloped the area.

The unlucky individuals who found themselves in the midst of the mist reportedly suffered from a severe burning sensation in their eyes as well as nausea and trouble breathing.

Despite the powerful nature of the fog, witnesses to the event seemed to struggle with placing exactly what it might have been with some saying it smelled of burning plastic while others suggested it was chlorine.

Authorities are also perplexed by the event with investigators wondering what could have caused it as well as what the substance contained in the cloud may have been.

Fortunately, the fog dissipated sometime overnight on Sunday as the beach appears to be clear of the cloud today, leaving the event all the more mysterious.

As one can imagine, the incident is being vigorously investigated by police, who believe it might have come from an on-shore factory or a ship out at sea that accidentally unleashed the chemical mist into the air.

But until the source and composition of the cloud can be identified, those in the area might be wise to hang up the flip flops for the summer and wait until next year to return to the beach.

Source: BBC News

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