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Mystery Monkeys Spotted in Ohio

A strange mystery has gripped a community in Ohio as a number of residents say that they've seen a pair of out-of-place monkeys in their neighborhood.

The weird sightings have been happening for a few weeks in the city of Lebanon, leaving witnesses bewildered by the presence of the perplexing primates.

Assuming that no one would believe her tale, one quick-thinking woman even managed to capture potential proof of the curious creatures by way of some cell phone photos.

"There's monkeys here. I'm not lying," she declared to TV station WLWT, telling a reporter that the particular primate that she saw seemed to be enjoying its newfound freedom.

"It was sitting there literally dancing," the woman marveled as she recounted her encounter with the creature which took place as a man nearby was playing music.

The witnesses' story and photos are bolstered by the fact that several other residents have reported seeing the monkeys lately and are left to wonder about their origins.

The prevalent theory is that they escaped from someone's home, which is a likely scenario considering what seems to be their domesticated nature.

Since the monkeys have not presented themselves as dangerous just yet, residents do not appear to be too worried about their visit to the neighborhood and actually expressed some envy for their owner.

"I wouldn't mind having a little one,” one person said, “my kids are grown. Might as well get a monkey.”

Despite that ringing endorsement, authorities are not as keen on the creatures that have suddenly settled in the area and are investigating the case.

That may be for the best, lest the city rest for too long and find that the are faced with a full-fledged monkey invasion as we've seen happen in Florida.

Source: WLWT

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