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'Mystery Object' Crashes in Myanmar

A mining community in Myanmar was rattled on Thursday when a giant metal cylinder plunged from the sky and crashed to the ground in their village.

Measuring 15 feet long and four feet wide, the impact from the object's arrival caused houses in the village to shake and residents to fear that some kind of battle had just erupted.

Fortunately that was not the case and, thankfully, no one was hurt by the odd event.

As to what the object might be, a second piece of metal which crashed in the village around the same time may shed light on the mystery.

The presence of Chinese writing on the metal led authorities to surmise that the two objects were pieces of space debris that possibly came from a rocket launch conducted in China on Wednesday.

Space experts agreed with that assessment, saying that the cylinder appeared to be a fragments of a fairly well known type of rocket.

The terrestrial origin for the object may disappoint some UFO enthusiasts, but they should not be too surprised, since the absence of injured aliens at the scene was a good indication that the cylinder did not come from a crashed flying saucer.

Source: BBC News

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