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Mystery Object is Not Missing Nuke

Mystery Object is Not Missing Nuke

A search by the Royal Canadian Navy has determined that an anomalous object discovered by a diver off the coast of British Columbia earlier this month is not an infamous atomic bomb which went missing in 1950.

Sean Smyrichinsky made headlines a few weeks ago when he theorized that a strange metallic object which he spotted while diving could have been the long lost nuke.

However, using an underwater robot to examine the discovery, Canadian officials concluded that Smyrichinsky's suspicions were incorrect.

According to a statement by the Canadian government, "it was determined to be a metal part of a larger machine assembly and appears to be a piece of industrial equipment."

An examination of the monstrous piece of metal, they say, showed it to be 15 feet wide, three feet high, and had a bit of yellow paint on it.

When officials showed Smyrichinsky their images of the object, he confirmed that it is the same strange piece of metal that he had seen during his dive.

Given the large size of the object, the Canadian Navy opted to simply leave the debris on the ocean floor rather than extract it from the area.

What, exactly, the anomalous object once was remains unknown as does the final resting place of the atomic bomb which was lost when a U.S. Air Force plane went down over a half century ago.

So while Smyrichinsky may not have solved the mystery of the missing nuke, he can take a small bit of pride in having spawned a new puzzle surrounding the nature and origins of the strange metal object.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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