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Mystery 'SOS' Spotted in Australia

Mystery 'SOS' Spotted in Australia

Authorities in Western Australia are both concerned and confused following the haunting discovery of a seemingly-abandoned 'SOS' sign in a remote part of the country.

The eerie distress call was noticed by a helicopter pilot as he flew over the area last week and subsequently reported the oddity to police.

An investigation into the case has proven to be rather difficult as the site is so secluded that authorities were forced to enlist the help of a helicopter company to bring them there as the location was otherwise inaccessible.

Upon arriving, police found evidence of a campfire, although they were uncertain of how old it might be, but no indication of anyone in the area.

As such, despite a thorough ground and air search of the area, investigators are left scratching their heads and wondering what may have happened to the person or people who created the sign.

While one can never rule out the possibility that it was a clever prank, the distant location of the SOS sign suggests that is unlikely.

Since no one was found near the area, perhaps the source of the sign eventually managed to escape their predicament and simply never returned to dismantle the distress signal.

One hopes that is the case, because the alternative scenario would be particularly grim.

Source: abc.net.au

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