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NASA Hoping to Grow 'Martian' Potatoes

NASA Hoping to Grow 'Martian' Potatoes

A new project aimed at demonstrating the resiliency of potatoes will attempt to grow the crop in conditions which emulate those found on the Red Planet.

Helmed by NASA and the International Potato Center, the revolutionary venture will use a laboratory that simulates the Martian atmosphere and soil that is nearly identical to the terrain of Mars.

By showing that the crops can be grown under such harsh conditions, the Potato Center hopes to raise awareness of the viability of the crop for regions of the world struggling to grow food due to environmental changes.

NASA sees the project as both a way to learn more about potential growing conditions on Mars and to set the stage for future space farming experiments.

"The extraordinary efforts of the team have set the bar for extraterrestrial farming. The idea of growing food for human colonies in space could be a reality very soon," said planetary scientist Chris McKay in a press release announcing the joint project.

No word on what type of potatoes will be grown for the project, but Red Bliss seems fitting.

Source: PhysOrg

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