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NASA to Set Spacecraft on Fire!

NASA to Set Spacecraft on Fire!

In an experiment that's sure to earn the admiration of irresponsible teenagers the world over, NASA plans to set a disused resupply vehicle on fire while in space.

The audacious endeavor, dubbed 'Saffire-I,' will see the space agency intentionally ignite a large fire aboard the decommissioned Cygnus craft.

NASA will then study the charred interior of the Cygnus when it returns to Earth in order to better understand how a realistic fire would effect the interior of a vehicle.

Within the Cygnus will also be equipment that measures a variety of conditions inside the craft such as how much oxygen is consumed by the fire.

Remarkably, no such experiment has ever been able to be conducted until now, due to astronaut safety concerns.

Beyond the hard science likely to be gleaned from the Saffire-I project, it may also serve as a reminder for future astronauts not to burn their microwave popcorn in space.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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