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NY Governor Hints at Haunted Mansion

NY Governor Hints at Haunted Mansion

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, recently suggested that there may be ghosts lurking in the Governor's Mansion and his predecessors says it's definitely haunted!

On two separate occasions over the last month, the governor has marveled at the eerie nature of the mansion, located in the capital city of Albany.

Calling the home "creepy," Cuomo claims that he rarely sleeps when he spends the night at the mansion due to the unsettling feeling that seems to pervade the palatial estate.

Although the governor stressed that he does not believe in ghosts, it certainly sounds as if he is starting to have his doubts.

Cuomo's misgivings about the mansion may have some merit as his predecessor, Gov. David Patterson told the New York Post that there is, indeed, a ghost that lives there.

During his time as governor, Patterson revealed, he had his own ghostly experience at the mansion.

According to Patterson, he once heard a vase smash during the night and searched throughout the building looking for it, but found nothing.

In recounting the tale to the staff at the mansion the next day, one worker confided in the governor that he had heard "the ghost."

Patterson went on to explain that the prevailing belief among staff is that the building is haunted by a groundskeeper who once served at the mansion in the late 1800's.

The former governor went on to tell the Post that his 5-year-old nephew claimed to have felt an invisible hand guiding him up the steps of the mansion, which led Patterson to conclude that ethereal resident is a "friendly ghost."

While Patterson's appraisal of the spirit's intentions sound reassuring, his apparent confirmation that there is a ghost in the mansion may not help Cuomo sleep any better during his next visit.

Source: New York Post

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