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Nanny Cam Captures Eerie Activity

A chilling piece of footage, purportedly filmed by a camera set up a concerned dad, appears to show some truly unsettling activity taking place as his daughter plays with her toys.

The alleged backstory for the video is that the dad decided to film the little girl because she had complained about something in the home making her uneasy.

When he watched the video later, the man was mortified to see one of his daughter's doll seemingly move on its own and, in another segment, papers mysteriously fly off of a table as the girl is drawing with crayons.

With the provenance of the video unknown, reaction of viewers has been largely split between those who believe the video captures ghostly activity taking place in the family's home and those who say the footage is fake.

Although the latter argument certainly has merit, one would hope that the girl's father would not terrify his own daughter with a staged haunting.

Should that be the case, though, we're going to have to ask him to turn in his 'World's Greatest Dad' mug.

Check out the creepy video and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM website.

Source: Daily Star

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