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Nanny Needed at Haunted House

Nanny Needed at Haunted House

An opportunity of a lifetime has opened up for any paranormal enthusiast who happens to be great with kids: working as a nanny at a haunted house!

Posted by a family in Scotland on a childcare website, the job listing, which seeks a live-in nanny for two children, seems perfectly normal until the very end when it notes that the house is haunted.

According to the ad, five nannies have allegedly quit the job in the last year due to "supernatural incidents" such as "strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving."

As one might expect, the constant turnover in the job has proven to be rather distressing to the family and so they are hopeful that being up front about the odd activity will help them to find someone with the fortitude for the position.

For those curious about seeking the position, it pays around $65,000 a year, includes 28 vacation days, and housing at the "historic property with spectacular views."

Skeptical readers may think that the ad is a clever joke, but the website which posted the listing insists that it is legitimate.

After initially being stunned by the strange ad, they claim to have spoken with both the family as well as their former nannies and all of them confirmed the spooky story detailed in the listing.

Given the popularity of ghost hunting, we suspect that the family will have more than a few curious applicants hoping to take on the position.

Let's just hope they remember to keep an eye on the kids instead of simply spending all their time trying to capture EVPs.

Source: BBC News

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