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Nessie on Pace for Monster Year

Nessie on Pace for Monster Year

Following concerns over a downturn in sightings earlier this year, Loch Ness Monster researchers now say that 2017 is poised to be a big year for the famed cryptid.

According to the Loch Ness Sightings Register, the creature has been spotted six times so far this year via both on-site witnesses as well as diligent webcam watchers who had caught glimpses of the beast.

The total is only one report shy of the seven Nessie sightings recorded in 2016 and already more than the five instances when the creature was allegedly seen in 2015.

As such, with four months remaining in 2017, there is hope that the creature can establish a new high water mark for sightings this year and strengthen the case that Nessie is alive and well.

To that end, the six sightings no doubt serve to calm fears expressed earlier this year that Nessie had 'disappeared' after not being spotted for a worrisome stretch of eight months.

Additionally, the healthy number of appearances by the beast seem to suggest that wind farms and overgrown vegetation have not prevented people from seeing the creature as has been argued in recent months.

Source: Deadline News

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