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New Ape Species is a 'Jungle Jedi'

A newly-discovered species of gibbon found living in the jungles of China has been named after the iconic Star Wars character Luke Skywalker.

The creatures came to the attention of researchers who noticed that these particular primates sported a unique facial appearance that was unlike other hoolock gibbons that resided alongside them in a remote nature reserve.

Subsequent observation and study of the apes' genetics led scientists to conclude that they were indeed an altogether new species of creature.

Being big fans of the Star Wars films, the team behind the discovery dubbed the new species the 'Skywalker hoolock gibbon.'

In response to the honor, actor Mark Hamill, who famously played the character in the Star Wars films, declared the creature a 'jungle Jedi.'

Unfortunately, much like the majestic 'horse deer' of China, Skywalker gibbons sport a remarkably small population believed to be around 200 in total.

While conservationists expressed concern for the animal's long term future, we're guessing that the gibbons will be well equipped to deal with adversity since, ostensibly, they can always 'use the force' when needed.

Source: BBC News

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