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New Coast to Coast App

New Coast to Coast App

We're happy to announce our newest feature, the Coast to Coast AM App, free to all users of the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's an exciting new way for fans of the show to stay in touch, as well as for Streamlink subscribers to get show audio directly from their mobile device. The app features customized content from the website, such as upcoming shows, recaps, and articles, plus it includes an addictively fun new game called Alien Abduction, created by one of our show listeners. More Info.

A Note to BlackBerry Users:

A number of people requested a similar app for BlackBerry users. We chose the iPhone first because the majority of our mobile usage comes from individuals on the iPhone platform. BlackBerry usage represents a much smaller percent of users, so we tackled the biggest audience first.

It’s not clear at this time when we will build a BlackBerry version. We’re continually working to improve the Coast experience, including site improvements, archive extension and custom apps. We'll continue to evaluate offering a BlackBerry option.

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