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New Details Emerge on Conspiracy Theorist's Mysterious Death

New Details Emerge on Conspiracy Theorist's Mysterious Death

An inquest by English authorities into the death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers has produced some unsettling new details about his mysterious demise.

Spiers unexpectedly died this past July while visiting Poland for a conference and his passing immediately raised suspicions among his colleagues in the conspiracy research community.

These concerns were compounded a few months later when his mother revealed that she had received a chilling text from her son saying that he was in trouble just days before he died.

There is hope that the recently-convened inquest will provide some answers about Spiers' death, but so far it has only raised more questions.

At a hearing earlier this week, an investigator said that Spiers initially developed a high temperature and felt weak before vomiting an unnerving two liters of "black fluid."

Despite attempts to save him, Spiers perished shortly thereafter and Polish authorities deemed his death to be due to 'natural causes.'

This finding proved to be rather controversial after a subsequent examination of Spiers' body by a British hospital could not come up with a cause for his death.

A report from Polish authorities is due to be submitted to the inquest at some point in the future, which may provide additional information surrounding Spiers' final moments.

Beyond that, his computer and cell phone may also be analyzed in the hopes of yielding some clues to Spiers' surprising death.

Whether the investigation ultimately solves the mystery of Max Spiers' death or not, it's heartening to see that a serious inquiry is taking place and that perhaps, if he were killed, justice may be served.

Source: Kent Online

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