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New 'Hybrid' Robot is Rather Creepy

A new video from robotics company Boston Dynamics showcases their latest advancement in creating the machines that may someday enslave all of humanity.

Previously restricted to running and leaping on four legs, the company has taken its robot design a step further by now adding wheels to the 'feet' of the machine which give it abilities bordering on the worrisome.

The company envisions the robot, dubbed 'Handle,' being able to swiftly travel on its wheeled 'feet' while using its arms for balance and carrying things.

On paper, it sounds amazingly futuristic and quite awesome, but seeing Handle in action is actually somewhat unsettling.

The nearly-silent automaton whirls around with remarkable skill and easily performs feats such as descending steps, rolling down a snowy hill, and picking up a heavy crate.

Through no fault of its own, since it's a robot and it doesn't have feelings, Handle's antics have an ominous edge to them as one can easily imagine the machine replacing humans in a myriad of ways ranging from the mundane to the monstrous.

So while Handle may not actually be our eventual robot overlord, the machine provides an eerie glimpse of a future that may not be as far away as it seems, whether we like it or not.

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Source: The Guardian

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