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New Insights into Amelia Earhart Mystery?

 New Insights into Amelia Earhart Mystery?

A new book on the mysterious disappearance of Amelia Earhart is making some bold claims about the fate of the famed aviatrix.

Author W.C. Jameson contends that Earhart's historic flight actually doubled as a spying mission which went horribly awry.

Based on his research, Jameson claims that the plane used by Earhart and co-pilot Fred Noonan was equipped with advanced surveillance cameras to be used for observing Japanese military installations.

When the pair landed in the Marshall Islands, he says, they buried the most incriminating evidence before being taken into custody by the Japanese.

According to Jameson's theory, the pair were imprisoned at various POW camps until Earhart was rescued in 1945 and subsequently returned to America but was forced to live under a new identity in order to protect the true nature of her misadventure.

Proposing that a vast cover up was orchestrated to conceal Earhart's fate, the author points to an astounding 113 government documents concerning the pilot which remain classified to this day.

He also cites witness testimony from fishermen who spotted Earhart and Noonan in the area of the Marshall Islands as well as longstanding rumors within intelligence circles that there was much more to their 'disappearance' than the public was told.

The theory that Earhart was captured by the Japanese has long been a part of the lore surrounding her mysterious disappearance, so Jameson's work is not an entirely new supposition.

However, his case is strengthened by having co-authored the new book with a former Senior Air Safety Investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, believed to be the most decorated person to tackle the mystery thus far.

Having disappeared almost 80 years ago, Amelia Earhart's true fate may never be known, but that isn't stopping researchers from continuing the search for answers.

Source: Daily Mail

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