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New Jersey Town Tormented by 'Gangster Turkeys'

New Jersey Town Tormented by 'Gangster Turkeys'

Residents of Teaneck, New Jersey are living in fear due to a spate of strange incidents involving increasingly aggressive wild turkeys that are roaming their town.

One particularly unfortunate victim, Courtney Lopchinsky, saw her home invaded by one of the foul fowl when it crashed through her kitchen window during dinner.

"I grabbed the kids and we literally ran for our lives out of the house because we were so scared," she told CBS2 in New York.

Lopchinsky claims the ornery Thanksgiving icon caused a whopping $6,000 in damage during its unwanted visit.

The encounter is just one of many run-ins with the animals that have caused town officials to take notice as police have received multiple calls about the angry birds over the course of the last few months.

"They're like gangster turkeys," Lopchinsky said "They terrorize kids at bus stops and chase people to their cars."

Due to the protected nature of the birds, authorities are hard pressed to find a solution to the problem, but may have devised a plan to, at the very least, thwart future attacks.

Town administrators plan to distribute air horns to concerned residents who wish to protect themselves from the turkeys.

Additionally, state wildlife officials hope to ensnare some of the animals in order to redistribute them to a different area of the state.

Until these plans are enacted, however, denizens of Teaneck will likely be looking over their shoulder, lest they fall victim to the 'gangster' turkeys.

“There has to be a peaceful solution," Lopchinsky lamented, "They can't just keep ransacking the neighborhood."

Unfortunately, the turkeys of Teaneck may beg to differ with that observation.

Source: NYTimes / CBS2 New York

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