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New Project Aims to Solve Anne Frank Mystery

New Project Aims to Solve Anne Frank Mystery

A team of experts headed by a former FBI agent hope that their collective skills can help determine who betrayed Anne Frank and her family during World War II.

The circumstances by which the Frank family and their friends were discovered in hiding by the Nazis in 1944 have been subject to considerable speculation over the course of the last seven decades.

A number of scenarios have been suggested by different historians, including various suspects who could have betrayed the family.

Additionally, the Anne Frank Museum put forward the possibility last year that their discovery was the result of happenstance rather than betrayal, making the historic mystery all the more murkier.

However, a new effort initiated by recently-retired FBI agent Vince Pankoke is looking to take a fresh look at the case using modern investigative techniques.

Specifically, he points to the possibility of using artificial intelligence to comb through the reams of data acquired by previous research projects and archival materials to unearth a key clue or insight that would help solve the mystery.

Pankoke has put together a formidable team of advisors and researchers, including historians, some of his former FBI colleagues, a Dutch computing company which specializes in 'big data,' and a variety of historic institutions and museums.

Collectively, the team plans to present their findings in August of 2019, which will mark the 75th anniversary of when the Frank family's secret annex was discovered.

Source: DutchNews.nl

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