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New Yeti Sighting in Siberia Stirs Excitement

New Yeti Sighting in Siberia Stirs Excitement

It appears that rumors of the Yeti's demise were greatly exaggerated as the legendary creature has been spotted in Siberia for the first time in over a year!

Villagers in the Siberian region known as Novosibirsk are abuzz over not only an alleged sighting of the famed Abominable Snowman, but also tantalizing photographs of possible Yeti footprints.

According to media reports out of the area, the prints were discovered by a fisherman when he was looking for earthworms and stumbled upon the massive impressions in the mud.

Initially thinking that they were from humans, the avid outdoorsman looked closer and determined that they were from neither people nor an animal like a bear.

Fortunately, he captured pictures of the prints, which can be seen at the Siberian Times.

Other witnesses went to examine the prints and one observer expressed certainty that "they are not human."

However, the possible of presence of Yeti in their midst got even more intriguing when the fisherman shared his images with his fellow villagers and another man stepped forward to reveal that he had seen the creature last month.

The witness claimed that he was startled one evening when the cows on his property began charging at him and he saw "glowing eyes in the dark."

When he lifted his flashlight, the man said, "I realised what it really was - and even my heels turned cold."

He described the creature as approximately eight-feet-tall and covered with light silver hair.

Needless to say, the sighting is being celebrated by Yeti fans, since it is the first reported encounter with the creature since last September and many have been wondering if the legendary beast had become a thing of the past.

But with the new footprint photos as well as the witness who says he saw the famed cryptid, it's probably safe to say that the Yeti is alive, well, and still lurking in both the Himalayas and those who reside in its purported territory.

Source: Siberian Times

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