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Nicaraguan Woman Claims 'Goblins' Abducted Her

In a bizarre segment from Nicaraguan television, a woman recalled how she had been kidnapped for nearly a week by goblins when she was a child!

Sharing the incredible story with Canal 10, the woman named Jasmina claimed that the incident occurred when the entities suddenly appeared one day and began playing with her.

However their conviviality was apparently a ruse as the goblins lured her away, she says, and kept her in a cave for "five days and six nights."

According to Jasmina, her family managed to rescue her by acting on the advice of a local witch.

While Jasmina's tale is truly fantastic, the presence of goblins in the area was supported by other members of her community.

A pair of residents that spoke with the program alleged that there were many goblins living in the area, avoiding churches and communicating "from hill to hill."

What exactly these goblins look like appears to be a bit nebulous as the television report showcased images of garden gnomes, suggesting that perhaps the creatures are more human-like rather than beastly.

Meanwhile, Jasmina's story comes on the heels of another Nicaraguan woman being 'possessed' during a report on an exorcism earlier this month, leading us to marvel at how amazing their television news seems to be.

And, although skeptics may be quick to dismiss goblins lurking in remote parts of Nicaragua, the idea of diminutive beings behaving in just such a manner as Jasmina describes have been reported throughout the world for centuries.

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Source: Mirror

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