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Notoriously Haunted House for Sale

Notoriously Haunted House for Sale

Ghost hunters hoping to take their work home with them now have the perfect opportunity as a seemingly genuine haunted house is up for sale in California.

Current owner Brad Warner purchased the Victorian-style building in 2010 and almost immediately began experiencing visits from something supernatural.

His first encounter occurred when something simultaneously extinguished his fire, shut down his computer, and slammed doors in the house.

Having previously heard that the home was haunted, Warner spoke aloud to the spirits and told them he was the new owner. After asking the ghosts to please not misbehave, the fire immediately came back to life.

Prior to Warner's arrival, the house has a long history of alleged ghostly activity, likely because it once contained a mortuary on the ground floor that has remained relatively untouched since it ceased operation.

Chillingly, the basement even contains the skeleton of a teenage girl still in her casket!

The home's macabre reputation was so well known in the area that it even spawned a best-selling novel.

Although he enjoyed living in the haunted house and even considered turning it into a paranormal bed and breakfast, Warner has decided to move on and is now selling the property.

Prospective buyers need only around $900,000 to grab the ghostly location. Having a tolerance for mischievous supernatural housemates would probably help too.

Source: Realtor.com

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