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Odd Ad Declares Royal Dispute

A bizarre newspaper ad placed in the prestigious British publication The Times asserts that a man in Colorado is the rightful King of England and he's decided to claim his throne.

Behind the odd royal dispute is a man named Allan V. Evans, who says that his lineage constitutes an unbroken line of succession which makes him the actual King of England.

Evans justifies this contention through an elaborate and rather dizzying explanation centering around a 3rd century marriage between royal houses which eventually led to him.

His lengthy and likely quite costly newspaper notice goes on to inform all interested parties that he plans to seize control of 17 different estates throughout England which Evans argues are actually his royal property.

While that may sound rather ominous, Evans does display some benevolence befitting a king as he does not plan to ascend to the throne until after Queen Elizabeth II has passed away.

The notice concludes with Evans announcing his intentions to pursue these issues with official government offices in the hopes of having his royal dispute resolved.

Incredibly, this is the second such case that Evans has pursued, having taken a legal battle all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court where he argued that his lineage entitled him to a swath of home there.

As one might expect, based on his foray to the UK, Evans lost the case.

Source: The Denver Channel

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