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Odd 'Alien Autopsy' Feud Erupts

The infamous 1995 'alien autopsy' film has found its way back into the news due to a strange dispute between its creators.

The seventeen-minute piece of footage which aired on national television over twenty years ago as a 'blockbuster' special, has become notorious in paranormal circles as an embarrassing hoax that has lingered in the zeitgeist for far too long.

Unfortunately, the 'alien autopsy' has emerged to haunt UFO enthusiasts yet again by way of a brewing battle between two of the men responsible for making it.

The drama began earlier this week following a one-man-show presented by Spyros Melaris, who detailed how he had filmed the footage in his London apartment.

No doubt eliciting chuckles from his audience, the filmmaker explained how he enlisted friends and family to act in the movie and used animal organs obtained from a butcher to convey the ET's entrails.

While Melaris' presentation was hardly a revelation to any serious student of ufology nor anyone remotely skeptical of the film, it apparently caught the attention of Ray Santilli, the producer who originally purchased the footage from him back in the 1990's.

Responding to Melaris' show, he advanced a claim which he has been insisting on since the fabricated nature of the footage first emerged.

Santilli says that he once saw an actual film of an alien autopsy, ostensibly from the Roswell crash, and that the faked footage was merely a re-creation of that event.

As one can imagine, this did not sit well with Melaris, who declared that never saw this purported footage, only a piece of film that was shown to him by Santilli and later debunked.

Clearly annoyed that his account of the events is being called into question, the frustrated filmmaker is certain that there was no genuine autopsy film and has even offered to take a lie detector test in order to prove the veracity of his account.

Not to be outdone, Santilli has now also agreed to be strapped into a polygraph so that he can prove that he is the one telling the truth.

It's uncertain how this latest chapter of 'As the Alien Autopsy Turns' will be resolved, but it would be somewhat fitting to see the feud settled where it all began: on national television to the horror of ufologists everywhere.

Source: Express

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