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Odd 'Creature' Photographed in Scotland?

Odd 'Creature' Photographed in Scotland?

A man walking his dog through a field in Scotland photographed an odd anomaly that some have likened to the legendary Loch Ness Monster lurking on land.

Jimmy Wright says that he encountered the strange sight in the Scottish village of Killearn and quickly snapped a picture before the weird dinosaur-like 'creature' purportedly disappeared.

The alleged witness may have been equally amazed after he posted the photo on social media and saw that it created somewhat of a frenzy among residents of the small village.

According to Wright, observers not only debated the nature of the 'creature' seen in the photo, but also what they should name the oddity.

As such, he's offered to make a donation to charity in the name of the person who comes up with the most popular name for the land-based Nessie.

However, not everyone is convinced that Wright actually photographed a creature and suggest that it is just a tree stump that happens to resemble a 'monster.'

That could indeed be the case as Wright may have tipped his hand when he mused to the Daily Record that if the 'creature' serves to take people's minds off of "all the bad news of the day" and results in some money going to charity then "it's all good."

Nonetheless, now that the 'monster' has taken on a life of its own, we're guessing that Wright would rather that it remain a mystery rather than revealing that it was simply a clever joke that went over far better than he expected.

Source: Daily Record

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