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Odd Stone Circle Spotted on Mars

Odd Stone Circle Spotted on Mars

Anomaly hunters scouring NASA images for oddities believe that a strange circular stone pattern found on Mars might be a sign of alien life.

The remarkably round formation was noticed in a photo taken by the space agency's Mars Curiosity Rover.

What makes this particular find unique, in a sense, is that most anomalies spotted by rogue researchers resemble something from here on Earth, such as a shoe, a gun, or an animal.

This discovery, however, is simply a circle of rocks that leaves the observer to decide whether it formed that way naturally or if it was constructed by an intelligent being.

To that end, advocates for the theory that ETs once called the Red Planet home propose that it could be the remains from an ancient structure, perhaps one that is buried beneath the surface of the planet.

Conversely, some skeptics say that there is a natural process that may have formed the circle by way of lava being shot from a nearby volcano and cooling in the round pattern.

Let us know where you stand in the debate: natural versus 'Martian-made' at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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