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Oddly-Shaped Crater Spotted on Ceres

Oddly-Shaped Crater Spotted on Ceres

A newly-released photograph from NASA provides an amazingly colorful view of the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres, including a crater which boasts an incredibly unique shape.

The impression, dubbed 'Haulani Crater,' sports remarkably straight lines that leave the site resembling a rudimentary stop sign.

The straight-edged nature of the crater was noted by NASA as quite different from similar locations found throughout space so far.

Calling attention to the area, the space agency observed that "most craters seen on other planetary bodies, including Earth, are nearly circular."

They went on to credit "pre-existing stress patterns and faults beneath the surface" for the odd shape of the crater.

The new image also provides another look at the infamous 'bright spots' on Ceres which set of a firestorm of speculation in the paranormal community last year.

Despite NASA's explanations for both oddities, it's likely that this new image will only further pique the interest of space anomaly watchers who suspect that there is a much bigger story behind Ceres than merely a dwarf planet.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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