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Ohio Woman Reports 'Ghost Possession' to EMTs

Ohio Woman Reports 'Ghost Possession' to EMTs

A seemingly routine emergency call in Ohio turned strange over the weekend when a woman who had fallen claimed that it was because she was possessed by a ghost.

Authorities in the city of Cambridge had dispatched EMTs to a home where a resident had suddenly collapsed at around 3 AM on Sunday morning.

However, when police and other emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they were left scratching their heads when the unnamed woman informed them that her tumble was not medically related.

On the contrary, she and her daughter both told police that the fall came about because a ghost that lives in their attic had possessed her.

This sprit, they said, is named 'Victoria' and is actually one of two ghosts that live in the home as a second apparition dubbed 'George' resides in the basement.

It would appear that these forces have been a problem for the family in the past as the two women revealed to police that both the attic and basement of the home were blocked to prevent their escape.

On this occasion, though, they surmised that Victoria had somehow escaped the confines of the attic and possessed the woman who subsequently fell.

Unfortunately, how they knew it was Victoria and not George as well as how they learned the ghosts' names went unexplained.

The scene ultimately ended with the woman refusing medical treatment and her daughter vowing to call a priest for help, leaving authorities with little recourse but to leave.

So while the emergency team may not have been able to help the woman, they likely left the home with a new number one story for whenever someone asks them about their weirdest experience on the job.

Source: Times Reporter

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