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Orb Video

Orb Video

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First of all I would like to thank Coast toCoast AM and Weekly Universe Magazine for featuring an article(1) I wroteabout orbs.This is the house I was explaining in that article - where there seemedto be much activity concentrated in this one room.It does look like someone took a white balloon or something and threw itacross the room - and you would be in every right to question this. However - this is not a fake. What you see coming in from the righthand side exiting out the bottom of the picture - is a true phenomenon.
No one else was in the room except the team member taking the video. It's too large to be a 'moth' or some other insect. This house is alsolocated in the country away from main roads and surrounded by trees, soit isn't the reflection of car lights coming in and bouncing off of thewindows. In the house, it's this room that seems to have the mostactivity.
--Beth Fowler (email)
Head of Investigations for Alberta Paranormal Investigations (hapia.org(2))

1. http://www.weeklyuniverse.com/2005/orb.htm
2. http://www.hapia.org/

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