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Ouija Board Expert Warns: Don't Summon Evil Spirits

Ouija Board Expert Warns: Don't Summon Evil Spirits

When using an Ouija board to communicate with spirits, one should be very careful not to unleash the forces of evil, an expert warned Coast to Coast AM host George Noory.

On C2C, psychotherapist and author Karen Dahlman said it's a bad idea to inquire if there are evil spirits present when trying to make contact with the other world.

Over Halloween weekend 2015, a much publicized TV special aired on Destination America which attempted to conduct a live "on the air" exorcism. The exorcism was intended to clear a house in St. Louis which was reputedly the inspiration for the book and movie "The Exorcist".

During the live broadcast, the paranormal investigators initially communicated with spirits using an Ouija board. As they first moved the planchette across the board, they were met with friendly answers.

But when the investigators asked outright if there were still evil spirits in the house, the planchette appeared out of control, saying "Yes…Yes!" They quickly decided to break contact, removing their fingers from the planchette and then ran out of the room.

Dahlman explained, "They did what they came to do or were asked to do in trying to conjure back up what happened in that house many years before to that young boy – the true 'Exorcist' story."

And she didn't believe it was a wise decision to ask if there was evil present.

"Anything on the board, especially if you don't have a connection yet made with the Other Side or with the spirits, can trick you – cause havoc, be mischievous," she told George.

"You're opening up some things you may not want to be opening up."

Citing her own experiences with the Ouija board, Dahlman suggested users seek out good spirits and not engage with negative ones.

She said that the TV show exorcism was deliberate in its search for malevolence.

When working with the board, "I ask for my 'highest good'. I ask for that which is going to come forth and be nothing but kind, and benevolent," Dahlman said.

For the full fascinating interview with Karen Dahlman, click here.
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