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Over 300 Reindeer Killed by Lightning in Norway

A game warden performing a seemingly routine inspection in Norway stumbled upon a ghastly scene when he discovered a whopping 323 reindeer that had been killed by lightning!

The bodies of the unfortunate animals were found littered across a field at the remote hunting grounds where they once lived.

Incredibly, it is believed that all of the creatures probably died from a single lightning strike and that they were likely inadvertently electrocuted due to their tendency to huddle together during a storm.

"We've heard about animals being struck by lightning and killed, but I don’t remember hearing about lightning killing animals on this scale before," a wildlife official marveled to Norwegian news agency NTB.

In response to the strange event, a team of experts has been dispatched to the area in an effort to learn more about how the creatures died.

The challenge of what to do with 323 dead reindeer has also proven to be vexing for Norwegian officials, who are debating whether or not to remove the carcasses from the field.

Although the bizarre event was undoubtedly awful for the reindeer that perished, we suspect that the scavenger animals in the area are currently celebrating their good fortune.

Source: thelocal.no

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