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Owner Pays $500 to Save Pet Goldfish

A woman in Australia went above and beyond the call of duty as a pet owner when she paid a whopping $500 to save the life of her goldfish!

After seeing the creature, named 'Conquer,' eat a pebble from the floor of its tank and start choking, Emma Marsh rushed the fish to a local animal hospital for help.

Once there, a team of veterinarians administered anesthesia to Conquer so that he would fall asleep.

Doctors then removed the surprisingly large pebble from the snoozing fish's mouth using a pair of tweezers.

The entire ordeal cost Marsh an astounding $500, which is particularly incredible when one considers that she bought the fish for a mere $12 last year.

In fact, Marsh could have bought a literal fish made of gold that was the same size as Conquer for the price she paid to save his life.

Nonetheless, she was nonchalant about spending such a large sum to save the creature, telling the newspaper Courier Mail, "I treat fish like they’re any other pet."

Apparently the animal hospital does as well, since Marsh's bill included a charge for Conquer's 'overnight stay' at the facility which seem suspect since they most likely just put his bowl on a shelf in the office before closing for the day.

Source: Courier Mail

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