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Pakistani Boy Eyes Odd Record

A teenager in Pakistan has found fame thanks to his bizarre ability to pop his eyes out of his head to an unsettling degree.

Able to extend his eyeballs by nearly half-an-inch, Ahmed Khan has amassed thousands of fans online via his videos showcasing the strange 'skill.'

The Pakistani Peter Lorre says that he discovered the ability by accident last year and soon turned it his proverbial calling card.

Khan claims that the "eye stunts," as he calls them, do not hurt but can cause his eyes to water when he 'performs' for too long.

Despite concerns expressed by his ophthalmologist, the boy insists that he was given this 'gift' from God and, thus, feels certain that they have some kind of divine protection.

No longer content were mere Internet fame, Khan is now eyeing the world record for such a feat, which stunningly actually exists and is held by a Chicago woman who bests the boy by 3 millimeters.

Nonetheless, Khan believes that he could easily capture the title, boasting to one media outlet that "I can break her record anytime."

Whether the teen's bold statement is the arrogance of youth or the confidence of a champion remains to be seen.

Source: Express

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