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Panda in China Seen Eating a Goat!

Panda in China Seen Eating a Goat!

The image of pandas as warm and cuddly creatures may need to be reconsidered in light of news that one of the iconic animals was recently caught feasting on a goat!

The meat-eating panda was observed by farmers who were stunned to see the adorable animal descend from a tree and subsequently attack the unsuspecting goat.

Like a possessed version of a child's plush toy, the creature made short work of its prey and all that was left of the unfortunate animal were some bones left behind by the pugnacious panda.

While the panda's carnivorous behavior may come as a surprise to some, wildlife experts say that the creature can and does sometimes eat meat, but normally subsists primarily on a diet of bamboo.

We're guessing that the goat also had no idea about the animal's dietary dexterity and probably spent its final moments marveling at the breathtaking scene unfolding as the majestic-looking panda started heading towards it.

Source: Sputnik International

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