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'Panic Room' Popularity on the Rise

'Panic Room' Popularity on the Rise

It's an addition to the home that no one wants to use, but apparently many people are looking to get: the panic room.

The in-home location specially designed to evade and withstand intruders burst into the zeitgeist with the 2002 Jodie Foster film Panic Room.

Demand for the cool-sounding but likely very terrifying household addition has been growing steadily since then.

And now with the rise in mass shootings, businesses are looking into having their own panic rooms to protect staff and customers in the event of a dangerous incident.

Nick Paster, a builder who specializes in panic rooms, told the Simi Valley Acorn that his company has "enough business to keep us busy full time."

Depending on their needs, Paster said, clients can opt for a basic 'safe door' for around $10,000 or splurge on a more technologically-elaborate 'panic room' that can cost over six figures.

Since the very nature of the feature requires significant secrecy, Paster refused to divulge many other details about his business or the types of clients he serves.

Because what's the point of having a panic room if everyone knows you have one?

Source: Simi Valley Acorn

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