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Paranormal Artifacts Get Rare Display in UK

Paranormal Artifacts Get Rare Display in UK

A historic organization dedicated to the study of psychic phenomena is showcasing its massive collection of esoteric artifacts for the first time in 90 years.

In honor of a similar event which captivated the public in 1926, London's College of Psychic Studies will be opening its doors to the public and displaying a vast array of strange and unusual curios from the paranormal past.

Providing a glimpse of 'ghost hunting' in the days before EVPs and reality TV, the exhibition will feature classic examples of spirit photography that have been seen before, records from seances held long ago, and odd objects such as apports and spirit trumpets.

The event will also celebrate famous members of the organization, including author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who actually served as the college's president back in 1926.

Founded in 1884 as the London Spiritualist Alliance, the college was formed as way of encouraging serious study of psychic phenomenon during a time when spiritualism has gripped the public.

Over the years, it has continued its work studying psychic phenomena with the hopes of finding a bridge between science and the supernatural.

Unfortunately for those who can't get to London this weekend, the archive exhibition will only be a two day affair and organizers are teasing that it may be another 90 years before the collection is put on display again.

How fitting for a psychic organization to hold an event that is as fleeting as a ghost encounter.

Source: Express

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