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Paranormal Investigator Says Ghost Revealed Secret Rules of the Dead

Paranormal Investigator Says Ghost Revealed Secret Rules of the Dead

A paranormal investigator who made contact with a ghost girl says she revealed the secret rules of the dead that they attempt to hide from the living.

The author of "Ghost Hunting 2.0", paranormal investigator Chris Bores told C2C that he has learned astounding new facts about the afterlife because of techniques he developed to interact with the spirits of the dead.

Bores described his investigation of the haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida where he wanted to field test these new methods. Using EMF detectors, Bores, and his fellow investigators, had a ninety minute interaction with what they believed to be the spirit of a young girl named Eliza.

Her answers to their questions seemed to indicate that there were actual rules to the afterlife that spirits needed to keep hidden from the living, Bores said.

"One of the questions I asked was 'is being alive the same as being dead?'

"That question brought the conversation to a complete halt – things just stopped. And I couldn't figure out why."

Worried that he had embarrassed Eliza or scared her away, Bores told George, he resumed asking the phantasm what he called "fluff questions."

"After another ten minutes went by, I could ask other deeper questions and then I asked the question "Do you have a body?' because we had asked questions leading me to wonder if she had a body or was just a floating ball of light. "She then left the conversation a second time!

"So I started to sit there thinking 'Okay, what do these questions have in common? I'm baffled as to why she's leaving our conversation. And I started to think maybe she's not allowed to talk about THIS stuff.

"Again it took us another 10 minutes to lure her back into the room. I had to really use psychology to being her back into the room. But once I was able to do that I asked her point blank. I said "Are there certain things you're not allowed to tell us? And the meter spiked…

"And then I asked, "Okay, are there RULES to the afterlife? And the meter spiked again. I said, "Okay…'are there certain things we as humans are not supposed to know about?' The meter spiked again."

Bores told George that the other investigator he worked with then jumped in, asking Eliza, "will you get in trouble if you talk about these things?'

"And wouldn't you know it – the meter spiked again! These answers to those questions really blew us away," Bores divulged. "It really opened the door for deeper discussions…What are these rules that they have to follow? And since there are rules - WHO's policing the afterlife? How will they be punished?

"And it just led me on a search to find the answers to these questions," Bores said.

To hear more of the compelling interview with Chis Bores, click here.
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