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Parrot Swap Puzzles Australian Family

Parrot Swap Puzzles Australian Family

A family in Australia found themselves at the center of a truly bizarre caper when their pet parrot was swapped for a different bird overnight!

As he was waking up on Sunday morning and getting his son some breakfast, Daniel Cairns didn't initially notice anything amiss.

However, he later did a double take when he looked over at the cage of the family's pet parrot, Chloe, and realized that it was a different bird.

The new parrot, he said, is distinctly different from their original bird and the family has no idea why or how someone would have made the switch.

They theorized that perhaps a neighbor found Chloe's noisy nature to be a nuisance and tried to replace her with a quieter creature.

However the docile nature of the new parrot indicated that it, too, was someone's pet, making the entire exchange all the more baffling.

Fortunately, Chloe was subsequently spotted lurking in a nearby garden and was safely returned to the Cairns family, who now have two parrots, although they hope to reunite the imposter bird with its original owner.

Source: Cairns Post

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