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Party in Spain Pulls Off Epic 'Dine & Dash'

Party in Spain Pulls Off Epic 'Dine & Dash'

The owner of a restaurant in Spain was left both angry and amazed when an astounding 120 patrons fled the scene before paying for their meal.

Antonio Rodriguez says that the enormous party were at his restaurant to celebrate a baptism when the caper occurred.

According to the outraged owner, the group collectively scurried out of the restaurant in less than a minute as wait staff went to get the dessert.

Given the swiftness with which the party escaped, Rodriguez theorized that the stunt had to have been a coordinated effort planned prior to their arrival and marveled that he had never seen anything like it in his three decade career in the restaurant business.

All told, the revelers enjoyed appetizers, meals, and drinks totaling almost $2,500 which is actually a pretty good deal for a party of 120 people.

Nonetheless, Rodriquez was skeptical that he'll ever receive the money despite reporting the incident to police.

On the bright side, perhaps his business will improve once word gets out about the restaurant's remarkably low prices.

Source: BBC News

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