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Pennsylvania Man Encounters Paranormal Panther!

Pennsylvania Man Encounters Paranormal Panther!

Paranormal investigator Stan Gordon shared with C2C the bizarre tale of one Pennsylvania man's encounter with a seemingly supernatural black panther.

According to Gordon, there have been numerous sightings of black panthers in Pennsylvania over the years, which is already a strange trend since the creatures are not indigenous to the area.

However the circumstances get odder as the reported panthers sometimes appear to exhibit paranormal characteristics.

"In some of these reports of some cryptids," he observed, "some of these things appear to be something other than a normal flesh and blood animal."

Gordon shared one case from February of 1983 that has mystified him ever since he investigated it.

In this particular tale, a man returned home at 1 AM and noticed that his car was overheating. As he was looking under the hood of his car, he heard the growl of what he thought was a tomcat.

When he turned around and saw a black housecat, the man dismissed the noise and continued trying to fix his car. He then heard a second growl that was "much deeper and much louder."

It was then that things got very strange.

"The witness was shocked because he had first seen this as a large housecat. Now it had physically grown about another foot in size," Gordon recalled.

The startled man threw an empty antifreeze jug at the weird cat, which caused it to growl and dash down an illuminated road.

Unsatisfied with simply scaring the cat away, the man ran into his house, grabbed a gun, and shot at the freaky feline but wasn't sure if he had hit it.

The aggression seems to have triggered something because, right before the man's eyes, the cat grew to the size of a black panther.

"He described the creature as solid black with very apparent yellow eyes," Gordon reported, "the body was two to three feet long and the tail, which was swishing around, was as long as the body."

Before the man could entirely absorb what he was seeing, the encounter came to a shocking conclusion.

"The creature suddenly vanished into thin air. He never saw it again," said Gordon.

Adding one final element of strangeness to the event, the witness noticed that his large pet dog was extremely frightened after the encounter and refused to come out to eat.

Looking back on the case, Gordon mused, "it makes you wonder, what are we dealing with out there?"

For the complete conversation with Stan Gordon which includes numerous other tales of strange encounters, click here.

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