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Planet X? Rogue Planet Beyond Pluto Discovered

Planet X? Rogue Planet Beyond Pluto Discovered

Astronomers announce the discovery of the farthermost object in our Solar System. Could this be the fabled Planet X?

The object, suspected to be a rogue planet, due to its erratic orbital pattern, is three times farther away than Pluto.

Astronomers made the discovery using Japan’s 8-meter Subaru Telescope in Hawaii.

The new planetoid, designated V774104, measures 500 and 1000 kilometers across and appears to be part of an emerging class of extreme solar system objects with baffling orbital patterns.

Its orbit suggests the possibility of other rogue planets existing on the edge of the solar system - one of which may be the legendary Planet X.

Astronomer Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science told media, "We can’t explain these objects’ orbits from what we know about the solar system.”

But until astronomers pin down the orbit of V774104 they can't begin to explain what's happening beyond Pluto, he said.

To delve deeper into the lore of the mysterious Planet X, click HERE.

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