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Police in North Wales Pestered by the Paranormal

Police in North Wales Pestered by the Paranormal

A Freedom of Information request in North Wales has provided an eyebrow-raising look at calls made to the police by residents believing they were plagued by something paranormal.

The disclosure revealed that law enforcement received a surprising 57 such phones calls between 2010 and 2015.

The main culprits were the usual paranormal suspects of aliens and ghosts, which made up 22 and 21 of the calls, respectively.

Witches were not too far behind, conjuring ten requests for police help.

Rounding out the list were zombies and vampires, who each received a meager two calls each.

Based on the information, one thing can likely be surmised: North Wales in not Bigfoot country.

And, as one might expect, no ETs, ghosts, witches, zombies, or vampires were apprehended when police responded to the calls.

While the information released may sound silly, it does inspire the question of what sort of odd and unusual calls are coming in to American police by people with paranormal suspicions.

Source: BBC News

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