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Polish Police Investigate Conspiracy Theorist's Eerie Death

Polish Police Investigate Conspiracy Theorist's Eerie Death

New details have emerged concerning the mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers, who passed away last summer.

The British-born researcher's death in Poland this past July has been the subject of considerable speculation in the conspiracy community due to both Spiers' work as well as the strange nature of his demise.

These concerns were intensified in October when Spiers' mother revealed that he had texted her before his death with a chilling message expressing fear for his life.

In December, a British inquest into Spiers' death also confirmed rumors that he had vomited a significant amount of 'black liquid' just prior to his death.

Now a prosecutor in Poland has provided an update into that country's investigation and Spiers' mother has also shared some intriguing new details about the days after her son died.

Lukasz Lapczynski told the BBC that authorities are investigating the case as a possible involuntary manslaughter and are looking to question a female companion that had been with Spiers at the time of his death.

The polish official also said that investigators wish to speak with any other people who may have been in the vicinity of Spiers in the moments before his demise.

Whether Polish authorities even know if there were additional individuals around or who they might be remains to be seen as it appears that only an ambulance and not police were called to the scene when Spiers' died.

Additionally, Spiers' mother has shared some intriguing new details into her son's belongings after he died.

According to her, Spiers' laptop and cellphone were initially not included among the materials sent to her in England.

When she finally did receive them a few weeks later, Spiers' mother says, the sim card had been removed from the phone and the contents of the laptop had been erased.

Between the Polish investigation and the British inquest in Spiers' death, one can only hope that his untimely passing will not linger in the realm of conspiracy theory for too much longer and the popular researcher can finally rest in peace.

Source: Mirror

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